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Giving birth to a baby, whether it’s your first or third, is an exciting and nerve-wracking time. You have millions of questions that only experience can answer, but with the right support, these anxieties can be laid to rest to help you feel that you can do this!

Many people turn to hospital classes and training sessions, but we think that this misses a crucial emotional ingredient that can make having a baby less isolating and more inclusive.

Who are we?

The Parent Collective was founded by Jessica as a result of her personal experience during pregnancy.

Jessica had both of her children in the UK. As an American living overseas, she had anxieties about having her first child far from family support. Friends suggested she register for a prenatal class series called The NCT (The National Childbirth Trust). The NCT’s classes are organized by neighborhood and due date, which allows all couples to form a local social and support network prior to their babies being born.

This series of classes proved invaluable to her. She developed a support network and friendships which were to keep her sane through early parenthood and as her family grew. Jessica hopes to create a similar community for expectant parents – one that will provide information and build supportive, social networks – The Parent Collective.


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