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We are all about helping make your journey to parenthood as manageable as possible.  We believe you don’t need to become an expert to navigate and enjoy the experience of having and caring for your baby. Instead, we aim to inform you to a level where you feel prepared without the extras that may leave you overwhelmed.  


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Individual Prenatal Courses

Prepping for Baby & Stages of Labor

This course covers: what to expect in the late stages of pregnancy, key terms to understand, what happens at the hospital and the stages of labor, inductions, and c-sections

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Pain Management & Relaxation

This course covers: relaxation techniques to help you through the early stages of labor, options for pain management and delivery

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Breast & Bottle Feeding

This course covers: breastfeeding & bottle feeding information and advice, including latching on, pumping, milk storage, getting on a feeding schedule, and how to manage problems that may arise

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New Baby Care

This course covers: tips to help you successfully navigate the transition home with your little one. You will learn about immediate appearance and procedures, diapering, swaddling, sponge bathing, burping and soothing, communication from your baby and sleep tips as well as managing your postpartum transition and returning to work

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Prenatal Courses Bundle

Our complete set, providing you all the information you need to know to be prepared for having a baby without the extras that might leave you feeling overwhelmed.   Watch these and tune out the rest! 

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Postpartum Course

This content is coming soon!  

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the steep learning curve that comes with having a baby, let us help you with this series that provides tactical tips around healthy sleep habits, postpartum nutrition to support energy and breastfeeding, how to play with your baby to build for success developmentally, first aid, emotional wellbeing, transitioning back to work, and relationships.   

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